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Located in downtown Denver, Colorado, Coors Field is the home to the Colorado Rockies, the city’s MLB franchise. This baseball park was named according to the Coors Brewing Company of Golden, Colorado when naming rights were purchased prior to completion in 1995. Prior to moving to Coors Field, the Rockies played their first two seasons, 1993 and 1994 in Mile High Stadium.

Fans may not be aware that the Coors Field was the first new stadium added in a six-year period in which Denver’s sports venues were upgraded. It was also the first baseball-only park in the National League since 1962. Additionally, Coors Field was the first major league park with an underground heating system. At 5,200 feet (1,580 m) above sea level, Coors Field is also by far the highest ballpark in the majors.

“Jurassic Park” was one of the first few names that were considered for the stadium. This later led to the selection of a triceratops as the Rockies’ mascot, Dinger. This was because, during construction, workers discovered a number of dinosaur fossils throughout the grounds, including a 7-foot-long (2.1 m) 1,000-pound (450 kg) triceratops skull.

As with most other new venues, Coors Field was constructed with for it to be accessible to the mass. It is strategically located near Interstate 25 and has direct access to the 20th Street and Park Avenue exits. Light rail and commuter rail access are available near Union Station too.

Originally, Coors Field was planned to be somewhat smaller with an estimated seating of only 43,800. However, after the Rockies drew almost 4.5 million people in their first season at Mile High Stadium they had to alter the plans during construction. Coors Field had the highest total attendance in a season in baseball history that year. The alteration included the addition of new seats in the right-field upper deck. “The Rockpile” became the name of the center field bleacher section later on.

During the planning of the stadium, designers already knew that the stadium would give up a lot of home runs. This is due to the lower air density at such a high elevation would result in balls traveling farther than in other parks. To compensate, the outfield fences were placed at an unusually far distance from home plate, thus creating the largest outfield in Major League Baseball today, according to Business Insider. In spite of the pushed-back fences, for many years Coors Field not only gave up the most home runs in baseball but due to the resultant large field area, the most doubles and triples as well, making it the most hitter-friendly park in MLB in its first decade.

In the 1996 season, 271 home runs were hit at Coors Field. In 1999, the current major league record was set at 303. The annual home run figure dropped noticeably in 2002 and has dropped below 200 starting in 2005. Although the number of home runs hit per season at Coors Field is decreasing, Coors Field still remains the most hitter-friendly ballpark in MLB by a wide margin. From 2012–2015, the Colorado Rockies led the league in runs scored in home games while being last in the league for runs scored in away games. This demonstrates the extreme benefit that Coors Field’s low air density provides to hitters.

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