Coors Field Seating Chart

NOTE: Seating configurations can change depending on the type of event. Always check the individual event seating chart when selecting your tickets.

Despite most of the seats in Coors Field are dark green, the seats in the 20th row of the upper deck are marked in purple. This marking is to indicate that the seats after is at the elevation of one mile (5280 ft; 1,609 m) above sea level.

The Colorado Rockies Suites sit between the 200 and 300 levels. They run the length of the field from home plate to the edge of each side of the outfield. The Club Level seats are on the 200 level and occupy sections 214 to 247. Within this level, they are sub-divided between Club Level Infield and Club Level Outfield. The Club Level Infield is comprised of sections 221-223, 225-227, 234, 236, 238, 239 and 241. The Club Level Outfield includes the left field sections 242 through 247 and the right field sections 214 through 219.

The Lower Reserved Seats are located at the 300 level in the front one-third of each section and are sub-divided into a number of areas. The below is the list of Sections for the Lower Reserved Seats:

  • The Lower Reserved Infield seats are in sections 321 through 340.

  • The Lower Reserved Outfield seats are in sections 315 through 319 in right field and 342 through 346 in left field.

  • The Lower Reserved Corner seats are in sections 311 through 313.

Other seat sections are as below:

  • The Right Field Mezzanine Seats are at the 200 level and are located in sections 201 through 209.

  • The Pavilion Seats are located at left and left-center field in sections 151 through 160.

  • The Upper Reserved Seats are sub-divided into three sections and are located in the back portions of all 300-level sections going from home plate out to the corner of each outfield.

  • The Upper Reserved Infield Seats go from sections 321 to 340.

  • The Upper Reserved Outfield seats go along the right field in sections 315 to 319 and along the left field in sections 342 to 347.

  • The Upper Reserved Corner seats are in sections 311 to 314.

  • The Right Field Reserved Seats are at the 300 level and go from deep right-center field to the right-field corner and are split into two areas.

  • The Upper Right Field Reserved seats are located toward the back portions of sections 301 through 310 and the Lower Right Field Reserved seats are located in section 301 through 309 in the front portion of each section.

  • The Rockpile Seats are located directly in line with center field and consist of 2,300 bleacher seats spread across sections 401, 402 and 403.

If you want to be seated near the hometown heroes, Sections 121-125 are right behind the Rockies’ bench. Rockies’ fans should sit in Sections 136-140, as they are the closest to the visiting team’s dugout. The bullpens are located in front of Sections 201-204.

Your best bet for catching a home run is finding a seat in the lower 150s Section. That particular section is close to the foul line and sees a lot of action from the hitters. If you happen to land tickets for a fireworks game, sit in the bleachers. This is because Coors Field staff let fans in the bleachers onto the field first to view the displays.

The low-300 Sections will give you a nice view of the Mile High City, and a seat close to the end of the row in Section 160 will give you a clear view of the fountains that go off every time the Rockies score.

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